I Did a Crazy Thing This Weekend…

To some this may seem like a silly post, but I think for me – it’s really important. I did a thing this past weekend. I did a thing that was completely out of the norm for me. I did a thing that I honestly never would have imagined doing. I did a thing that goes against what society says and darn it! I felt good! I bought and wore a bodycon dress.

Okay so for those of you who don’t know what that means – a bodycon dress is basically a very fitted dress that fits the contours of your body. Society would say that only really beautiful people – those people with the perfect hour glass shape and flat abs – should wear this dress. And in the past I would have believed that. I would have never tried on this dress. I would have never allowed “felt good” in this dress. I would have told myself I needed to be a certain size or weigh a certain number for it to be acceptable to wear this dress.

But guys – as I perused the racks at TJ Maxx looking for something to wear to this weekend’s wedding. I pulled out this dress mostly because I liked the floral print and the color palette worked with things Ryan and Marlee had in their closet already and I really liked the $12 price tag. I didn’t realize how fitted it was until I shimmied into it in the dressing room. And then I was really surprised when I looked in the mirror and liked what I saw! Did I look perfect? hahaha no! My little tummy pooch (because I like sugar) definitely showed and it was tighter than I’m used to wearing… but I looked in the mirror and I realized that for the first time maybe ever – I wasn’t immediately drawn to my flaws. Instead I was happy and proud.

And I think that brings me to a really important point. Oh man – are we our own worst critics or what?! I have allowed these ideas, impressed on me in my youth, dictate so much of my life, my thoughts, and my beliefs about myself. I have had to actively work to correct so much self hate over the years. I don’t care if I never lose these 15 “post Marlee” pounds. I’m proud of not only how far I’ve come with my weight – but of how much my view of myself has changed. And let’s be honest – my husband loves me regardless of my size. He thinks I’m a hot mama. And my daughter absolutely does not care how much I weigh or what size my pants are. So why do we place so much of our self worth and value on something that really doesn’t matter that much to the people who truly love us? Why do we let something so insignificant as a number dictate when we can buy that dress or when we’ll be okay to have our photos taken?

So don’t let the world tell you how you should feel! Don’t hold off on important and special things because you’re not the “right” size! Buy that dress! Eat that cookie! Take those pictures with your kids! Be proud of who you are and how far you’ve come! Be happy in the you of the now and not waiting for the you of the future! Because who you are and how you love and who loves you back – those are the things that really matter!

bodycon dressbodycon dress

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