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Photography Filled Weekend

September 19, 2016
Photography Filled Weekend

I don’t often talk about the hard parts of being a business owner and photographer, but I’ve been thinking about it and thought I’d share some of those thoughts today. Being a business owner and artist is a lot of work. I’m sure many of you understand the idea of having to wear many hats as a business owner (being the owner, marketing coordinator, accountant, etc.). But as an artist there is another level to it. Being a professional artist means being vulnerable… it means putting yourself in a position for potential failure. It means possibly disappointing people or creating things that others don’t like. And it can even mean potentially disappointing and failing yourself.

It can be easy to go through spells where you just feel “unsuccessful.” Whether that’s because business is slow or because you don’t feel like you’ve done your best, or anything in between. A lot of things can contribute to an individual’s feelings of lack of success. And I’ll admit, I was feeling a little lack-luster the past few months. Honestly, I think it’s because I haven’t been as busy as I was expecting or hoping to be over the summer. The photography biz is always in flux… it can be really hard to predict when the phone will ring. And with the slower pace this summer – I began to question my business and artistic skills.

However, business has definitely picked up again and the past few days have been fantastic! I was lucky enough to get to photograph two stunning seniors and a maternity session for my best friend! Each of these sessions filled that doubt weighing on my heart and I feel totally renewed in my confidence in my craft. I felt so at peace, so comfortable, so inspired while working with each client. I created images that I’m insanely proud of and I was genuinely excited to go home and look through them and retouch them. And I can’t wait to show them to the families I created them for.

I guess here’s the thing. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much technical training you have (I have a bachelor’s degree in Photography and Design). Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much experience you have (I’ve been in business for 8 years). Those things don’t guarantee that you’ll be successful or that you’ll still be in business tomorrow. You can do everything “right” and you can try to follow all the steps to success and run your business the best you can – and unforeseen obstacles can arise. YOU CAN’T CONTROL EVERYTHING. And I think if you focus too much on trying to control everything… you’ll stress yourself out and lose your mind.

I think the best thing we can do is be grateful for what we have and focus on providing our all… our very best… in every situation that arises. I have amazing clients who allow me to create beautiful images. These wonderful people trust me, my knowledge, experience, and skills to capture these fleeting moments for them. And if I can make them even more special, I want to do that! I love what I do, and my clients always inspire me to do better and be greater.

So to you, my amazing clients, THANK YOU! I know that I’m only in business capturing these moments because of you! And I’m exceedingly grateful to each and every one of you for trusting me in that way. Since I can’t share my session images yet… here’s a little peek at some fun behind the scenes 🙂

Photography Filled Weekend

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