Moments with Marlee

Moments With Marlee

So for the first time ever I’m behind schedule on getting Marlee’s 10 month pictures done. It’s proving to be a busy week so I’m going to attempt to squeeze them in this weekend. But the delay in doing the more formal portraits encouraged me to go ahead and pick up my big girl camera to get some pictures of little moments with my little lady throughout the day.

One of the most adorable things is when I go in to get Marlee up in the morning or from her nap and she’s standing up staring at the door just waiting for me to come in. This happens most days now and it’s so precious. She usually has a huge smile on her face the minute I open the door! She pulls up in her crib a lot and I’ve been trying to help her work on walking along as she holds the rail. That hasn’t fully clicked yet – but we’re still working on it. In one of the pictures you’ll see her making a scrunchy face – this is her doing her fake laugh. She has started doing this thing where she’ll pretend to laugh randomly and it is absolutely hilarious!

Moments with MarleeMoments with MarleeMoments with Marlee

Crawling and pulling up have fully clicked though with this amazing gal of ours! She’s no longer immobile which means I’m getting less done in the day, but she’s so fun I don’t mind in the slightest! Now that we’re moving more, we decided it might be time to get a rug. But we couldn’t really decide what to get. So we ended up just getting a cheapy one from Walmart for now. So far it’s holding up really well and she seems to like it a lot. One of her favorite toys is a pop up toy her Nonni and Nonno got her for Christmas that she just loves and has gotten super good at playing with.

Moments with Marlee

And bathtime is her absolute favorite thing! We got her a little inflatable ducky-shaped tub for in the big tub when she wasn’t quite able to sit up on her own yet. But she still loves this thing because she can really lounge back in it – she loves to kick a foot up on the side of the little tub. Plus, she has a blast chewing on her toys and splashing up a storm. It’s also one of the times we focus on her hair and taking care to really seal in some moisture!

Moments with Marlee

So there you go! A little peek at some Marlee moments these days! I’ll be sure to get up some 10 month pictires of our little lady just as soon as I can!

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