2018 Trip to Okaw Valley Apple Orchard

I know my posts here have been less. There are a few reasons for that and I’m currently trying to determine if a new direction is required here. But today I wanted to share a little peek at our trip to the apple orchard. Growing up, trips to the apple orchard each fall were super special and fun. So I’ve enjoyed going with Ryan over the years. With Marlee still being quite small last year, we didn’t go. So this year was her first official outing to the apple orchard.

Okaw Valley’s apple orchard is really close to us and we’ve always loved popping in and getting some apples, cider and apple butter. I love supporting small businesses when we can and this family run orchard is awesome! It was so fun too being able to take Marlee and watch her play on their little playground. She loved their big slide and the swings. She actually loves being outside so she was having a blast just running around. We also took her over to the trees so she could see where “apples come from” and she was amazed by all the apples in the trees! She also loved her first taste of an apple donut too!

Our visit to the orchard this year wasn’t super long but as she gets older I imagine this will become even more fun for her! So here’s a tiny peek at our little trip to the orchard!

2018 Trip to the Apple Orchard2018 Trip to the Apple Orchard2018 Trip to the Apple Orchard2018 Trip to the Apple Orchard2018 Trip to the Apple Orchard2018 Trip to the Apple Orchard

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