Class of 2019 LSA Senior Yearbook Head Shots

I cannot believe that this school year is winding down to a close and it’s time to start showing off this amazing LSA class of 2019! You guys know I love my LSA peeps and I look forward to every opportunity I get to work with them! And this is definitely something I love to do every year!

It’s so fun to see the seniors I’ve already had the joy of working with, capturing their senior portraits. But it’s also fun to meet their classmates and watch them interact with one another. You’d be amazing how much you can discern from each student’s personality in just a couple hours of shooting. Plus, I love getting to work with the yearbook staff! They are always amazing, super helpful, and on top of each shot. These years team was just as phenomenal. They helped me set up and tear down my set and made sure we didn’t miss anyone.

I had a lot of fun capturing these amazing young men and women and I’m thrilled to share a peek at them with you today! (Feel free to check out the ordering page and place an order if you like at:

LSA Class of 2019 Senior Yearbook Head Shots

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