The Value of Professional Portrait Art

We all have different values and priorities when it comes to what we spend our money on. And today, you, the consumer, have plenty of options when it comes to where and how much to invest in photography. While I absolutely understand why professional photography may not be for everyone, I want touch on a few reasons why it’s so important to place the value back into this special and amazing craft!

Turning Loved Ones into Art
A large painting or art piece could cost you anywhere from $500 to $10,000, and those art pieces are absolutely worth their price! But I have to ask – isn’t a beautiful piece of art that showcases and displays the people you love for all to see – isn’t that worth just as much if not more? I know for myself, being able to look up at images of my own family fills me with immense happiness that I didn’t know was possible from my portrait art. And I would much rather have images that capture memories and love on my wall than an abstract painting.

Making Sure You’re In the Photographs
Moms especially are bad about being in the photographs. They are so often the ones taking the pictures. And it’s so important for you to be in these images too. Your children will want to look at these images and see you with them. They’ll want to know what you looked like and have memories of you – just as much as you want images of them!

Peace of Mind in Quality
There are absolutely plenty of options when it comes to capturing your memories. You can take pictures with your own camera or even your phone. You can pay a small fee to a family friend or someone down the street. Or you can hire a trained and experienced professional. We all have different priorities and needs so there isn’t necessarily a right answer here. But I can tell you when I choose a photographer for our annual family photos, I hire a professional. I want to know that we are going to look good in our pictures – that someone else will guide us into our poses and tell us what to do. I want to know that the final product is going to be beautiful and the best quality. I want to know that our photographs are going to last and be something our future children can enjoy. I want to know that I have nothing to worry about – so for me, paying a professional is absolutely worth it!

Heirloom Artwork
These days I know that many people have placed great importance on digital images. The excitement of posting an image to social media and getting instant gratification through likes and comments is thrilling. But how valuable is that digital file over time? How much thought went into making it a statement about that person? Would you be proud to pass it down to your grandkids as a family heirloom on that disk or flash drive that may not even be readable anymore? Wall art, albums, canvases… these products are timeless, valuable to all, created with great care, and meant to be passed down through the generations!

You Cannot Place a Price on Memories
I cannot tell you how often I see or hear or have my own clients share with me the value in these images we are creating. I have captured moments for parents who have lost their child to cancer. I have captured images of babies that were fought for and prayed for by their parents for years. I have captured the first images of a new marriage and the last images of a grandparent before they passed. These images are priceless and they deserve to be captured and preserved in beautiful products that will last for years to come. I know the images I have of me and my husband are very valuable to me. And if we ever get matched with a child – those images of our new child, of our long fought for family, will be valued beyond words.

So whether you can afford to get professional portraits multiple times a year – or once every 3 to 5 years, I believe the value of professional portrait art is priceless! These moments and memories pass by us so fast and for many, these images are all that remain. These beautiful works of art provide us with a way to preserve these moments and cherish our loved ones forever. They also give us timeless artwork to pass down through the generations. It’s time we start placing the value back into professional portrait art and preserve these moments and the ones we love!

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