To All the Broken Hearted, The Childless Mothers…

To all the broken hearted,
the childless,
the women who’ve lost a child,
and those who’s deepest desire is to be a mother but have been denied that blessing.

Today I want to honor you!

Mothers everywhere were lavished with love and affection yesterday. Gifts of fingerprint paintings, smudged drawings, and flowers picked fresh from the yard – excitedly handed from pudgy little hands to those of their mothers. Cards and letters written by older children… in that just learning how to write penmanship that is ever so endearing. Its a day of breakfasts in bed, snuggles and family time. It’s a wonderful day to be a mother.

If, you were a woman who received gifts such as these; if you got sweet little hugs and snotty nosed kisses and the musical giggle of a small child. If you got to look into the eyes of your perfect little one. If your children were a surprise blessing or a planned one, children granted to you without any struggle – you may not understand or realize how difficult Mother’s Day can be for those who yearn for what you have.

It can be hard on a daily basis, especially if you’re friends and family cannot relate to this pain. It’s a feeling that only those who’ve been there can really understand. The frustrations and agitations. The hopes and losses. The emptiness and feelings of failure.

It can feel very lonely being surrounded by family and friends all jabbering away about their children, sharing photos and stories. Questions and statements not meant to be hurtful can sting worse than any physical barb…. “How long have you been married? And you don’t have any kids yet?” “Don’t you like kids?” “When I was your age, I already had three children.” A pressure builds in your chest, your stomach starts to tighten, your eyes start to sting, and you clench your jaw to avoid the tears you can feel trying to burst forth. You know they aren’t meant to be hurtful, but the pain is still there…

So today – I want to acknowledge all the women who have not yet, are not, and/or can never be mommies. Today is your day!

Take a few minutes right now. Think of all those you nurture… maybe it’s your husband, sisters, brothers, friends, nieces, or nephews…. Though these individuals may not be your biological children, you are still using your maternal instincts to enrich their lives. It’s a gift to possess the amazing ability to love and care for others as a mother does. Or maybe you create life in personal and creative projects whether that’s poetry or painting or singing. Whatever your gift – Embrace the ways that you share your maternal side with the world, and remind yourself that you can still be a mother in these other ways.

So today – celebrate you in all your womanly awesomeness! Whether you’ve lost a child or are unable to conceive, miscarried or missed your opportunity due to your own circumstances – you are beautifully and wonderfully made! Share your gifts with the world and celebrate what makes you one in a million.

Wishing you a magnificent Monday!


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