Playtime with Marlee

As a photographer – I’m sure a lot of people think that I’m just constantly taking pictures of this little lady. But the truth is – I rarely pull out my big camera on a daily basis. I grab it for special occasions and her monthly pictures and that’s pretty much it. I typically end up so focused on taking care of her, getting my to do list done, and things done around the house, that like many moms these days – I rely heavily on my phone to capture moments.

But last week, Marlee decided naps weren’t very important and so I decided if I wasn’t going to get anything done – I could at least capture some sweet moments and precious details. So while she played – I did too! There are so many little details that I don’t ever want to forget – little hands, her perfect lips, the curl of her lashes, her chubby little cheeks and precious profile. She’s such an animated, vocal little thing and I wanted to try to capture that too. You can tell by the expression in her eyes that she is always thinking – trying to figure the world out and I wanted a preserve that as well. Mainly – I just wanted to capture her precious little life at this point on this day.

So here’s a peek at playtime with Marlee

Marlee PlaytimeMarlee PlaytimeMarlee Playtime

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