Pezzelle Twins Two Year Photography | Decatur, IL

Okay! So I gave you guys a hint of this session right after July 4th but I hadn’t had a chance to go through all these pictures yet. So now that I have – I wanted to share my little nephew’s 2 year old session!

We’ve been so blessed to watch these two handsome little guys grow over the last two years! The are so clever and smart. They’ve got their colors figured out and they know what order numbers are supposed to go in. Shep has even spelled out his name in blocks… I feel like that’s pretty amazing! I love how all kids have their own unique personalities from a young age – and these two sure do too! And I love how well their mama knows what to do to get them to smile!

We had a lot of fun capturing these over by Scoville Zoo. It was SUPER hot – so we found a shady spot to get out of the heat and the sun and then just played a little bit. Stacey brought bubbles and pinwheels to get them excited and the boys did so good! We even set Marlee in for a couple of really cute pictures too!

So here’s a quick peek at August and Shepherd’s two year portraits!

Pezzelle Twin Two Year SessionPezzelle Twin Two Year SessionPezzelle Twin Two Year SessionPezzelle Twin Two Year SessionPezzelle Twin Two Year Session

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