Marlee’s Six Month Session | Sullivan, IL

Well lo and behold – our little sweetie is 6 months old already! October is always the busiest month of the year and this year has been no different! Normally, I photograph Marlee on her monthly day (the 12th) but this month – we scheduled to have her six month pictures taken by my friend, Andrea, on the 12th. I know my baby girl, and I know that photos poop her out so I didn’t want to burn her out on photos in the morning and have her be fussy for pictures in the evening. So I put off taking them. And then my schedule was just so busy with work – that it wasn’t until this past Friday that I managed to find some time to squeeze in some pictures with my little nugget.

We did have family portraits with my family and a wedding last weekend that Marlee got to get all dressed up for. Naturally, I took some pictures of our little cutie after we got done with everyone else’s session. We also had some friends get married the first weekend in October and Marlee got dressed all cute for it too – so I snageed some pictures then as well. Until this past Friday I didn’t have time to do an actual session just for her… but I did finally get to do that last week!

It seems crazy that six months have already flown by since we were blessed to have Miss Marlee enter our lives. She’s growing so fast! She just started sitting up on her own the week before she turned six months old and we’re so proud of her! She’s loving experimenting with her voice – she’ll take a big breath and then squeal with delight and she growls too, which is absolutely adorable. She’s started eating some baby foods too – she likes sweet potatoes and carrots best. She’s still obsessed with our food and drinks though so we’re excited for the day she can enjoy those with us. She still loves music – she’ll turn around to find where it’s coming from – particularly the My Little Pony theme song. And she still loves being outside and watching/petting the dogs. We can already tell she’s going to be a smart little thing and just the most joyful little girl ever. We are so lucky to get to call her our daughter!

So here’s a quick peek at our six month old little love!

Marlee 6 MonthsMarlee 6 MonthsMarlee 6 MonthsMarlee 6 MonthsMarlee 6 MonthsMarlee 6 Months

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