Marlee’s Seven Month Session | Sullivan, IL

Well, seven months seem to have zipped by super fast since this little love of our came suddenly into our lives! As of Sunday last week, she officially turned 7 months old! She is such a little ray of sunshine in our world!

She’s always had a lot of personality, but she’s definitely developing more and more! She’s still just as happy and content a little lady as the day she was born. (Yes – she’s a normal child who ocassionally has melt downs, but on the whole she’s a happy girl.) We can tell she’s going to be quite the talker as she gets older and we’re looking forward to hearing all the little thoughts that are going through that busy mind! Right now, she’s exploring the range of her voice and the different sounds she can make. “Mama” is still her most defined sound and it seems like she associates it with both me and Ryan. (I find this amusing because I jokingly told Ryan that maybe she’s like the baby in Doctor Who who calls his dad “not mum.”) Lately she has been playing with “baba” more too and last night Ryan said she was hovering by the dog bed and saying “puhpuh.”

She’s sitting up like a pro these days and has started pushing up into a crawling position. She’s still trying to figure out how to move forward once she’s there but we can see her little wheels turning as she tries to figure it out and we’re pretty sure she’ll put it together really soon. She has a little walker that she loves and will run and glide all around our main room. She’s actually incredibly skilled at manuevering it around furniture and figuring out when to slow down so she doesn’t run into things.

We’re trying more and more foods too. She still loves her sweet potatoes best, but we’ve added bananas to our favorites now too. We’re still looking forward to when she can try more “big people foods” because she’s still super interested in what we’re eating.

We feel so infinitely blessed to have such a fun, inquisitive, healthy and happy little one in our lives! Here’s a peek at our growing girl!

Marlee 7 Months OldMarlee 7 Months OldMarlee 7 Months OldMarlee 7 Months Old

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