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Marlee's 10 Month Photography

It seems so crazy to me that this beautiful little girl we get to call our daughter is already 10 months old!!! These first months are just zipping by so fast. I was commenting on that to Ryan the other day – how I’ve always known that these little ones grow so fast and so I’ve done my best to cling to each moment as best I could…. but it still just seems to go by so fast! And Ryan’s comment was – “time has always zipped by with us though…” I suppose he’s right.

So here we are with such a big girl! She’s getting so tall – wearing mostly 12 month old outfits now already. She still loves her My Little Ponies, but she’s also found a love for this show called Octonauts which is educational and fun. Her favorite books right now are the sensory ones – you know those ones with different things to touch inside. She’s always loved textures and now she’s really taken to that with her books. She also really likes being read to now. She’ll flip the pages and giggle if she likes a page. Speaking of giggling – she’s started fake laughing. Oh my gosh! It’s hilarious. All the sudden she’ll look at something and then just pretend laugh about it. It makes me laugh everytime! And she’s babbling more. It’s less focused on distinct sounds now and she’s trying to string them together. We’re both really looking forward to when she can finally share all her thoughts with us because she already has so much to say!

She’s got almost 6 teeth now! One is still working on breaking the surface but we can feel it there just underneath. Getting those top ones through was rough but ones they cleared the surface, she was back to her chipper old self again. With all these teeth we’ve started eating some big people food – eggs, apple, a little bread, banana, yogurt, and some other random things in there too. And she LOVES food! She legit gets food envy! Heaven help us if Ryan or I eat something and not share it! She’s either going to make me eat healthier, make me sneakier, or I’m going to give her terrible snacking habits haha.

And we are SUPER mobile now! I was really enjoying the days when she was more stationary because it meant I could get more done. Well not anymore haha. She’s either crawling everywhere or pulling up and letting go and trying to balance or pulling up and semi-walking along furniture to get things. So long gone are the days of setting her down and finding her in the same spot. But that’s good too – we love seeing her be healthy, happy, strong, and active.

She’s just the light of our life and truly the best thing that ever happened to us. Not a day goes by that I don’t know without a doubt that she was the little girl we were waiting for all those years! Without further ado – here’s a peek at our little lady!

Marlee's 10 Month PhotographyMarlee's 10 Month PhotographyMarlee's 10 Month PhotographyMarlee's 10 Month PhotographyMarlee's 10 Month Photography

Marlee's 10 Month Photography

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